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Our Core Values, Vision, Motto, Culture and Ethos



At Elm Grove Primary we believe that learning should be fun, active and challenging.  Our core values of creativity, collaboration, independence and excellence underpin everything we do.

Collaboration - We promote the development of collaboration.

During their time at Elm Grove children will develop their ability to work and play well together, and to support and challenge each other with positive experiences.

Independence - We promote the development of independence.

During their time at Elm Grove children will increasingly grow in self-confidence, self-motivation, self-awareness and be able to evaluate their own success.

Creativity - We promote the development of creativity.

During their time at Elm Grove children will explore the world in which they live, and use their imagination, thinking and confidence.

Excellence - We promote the development of excellence.

During their time at Elm Grove children will develop high expectations of themselves both personally and academically.


Our motto at Elm Grove Primary is "Aim High, Work Hard, Have Fun!".

We believe that learning should be fun, active and challenging. 

In 2011 we were awarded the Ofsted status of being an outstanding school, which we are very proud of.  The staff are an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic team who bring a wide range of talents and expertise to the school and the children are well mannered and keen to learn.



Elm Grove Primary is a friendly, inclusive community where everyone is known and valued. Being small enables us to recognise and meet the needs of every child, both earlier and in greater depth than would be possible in a larger primary school.

We pride ourselves on our nurturing and caring approach, where positive relationships are built on honesty, support, trust and respect. The strengths and unique talents of individuals are recognised, shared and celebrated.

As a small primary school we offer a safe, secure and supportive environment.

Elm Grove Primary is a learning community who actively work together to provide an inspiring and engaging education, enabling the children to become life long learners who aspire to high standards of achievement in all areas of life.

Children learn to value themselves and those around them, respecting spiritual, moral, social and cultural differences in the world in which they live. 

Culture and Ethos

Elm Grove prides itself on its very open culture, inclusive ethos and creative curriculum that promote all aspects of children’s welfare.

The school has a highly dedicated team of staff and governors who consistently model healthy relationships built on mutual respect, equal opportunities and diversity.

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