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Coronavirus (COVID-19) A Bit of Fun

On this page you'll find various fun items from all of the staff here at Elm Grove.


Last updated: 29/05/2020

We have been creating our own "shelfies".  To see them please click on the selfie icon below. 

Each shelfie contains some clues about who the owner of the shelf is. 

Can you guess who that person is?






Last updated: 18/05/2020

Please click on the artist icon below to see our own Elm Grove Art Gallery. 

Can recognise any of the artists or pictures?

Can you tell which picture is the original?







Last updated: 12/05/2020

Willow Class - please click on the book below to see a message from Mrs Russell.





Last updated: 07/05/2020

Please click on Baked Potato below to see how many historical figures you can guess.








Last updated: 05/05/2020

Please click on the icon below to see a message from all of us.






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